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Film Transfer Effects
Special Effects

roof.JPGFilm Transfer Effects
A film transferred to video tape can be a collaborative effort with the cinematographer and the colorist. A colorist can accentuate a look that the cinematographer is after, suggest options or provide a few techniques that they have developed.

The woman on the rooftop was shot at 6 frames per second and transferred at the same rate. The visual effect was of a staccato moving image. To further enhance the effect, the film was transferred three different ways; black & white, out of focus and with the colors awry. The transfers were all combined in post production.


Colors can be selected and subtracted electronically to give the effect as seen here.

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Special Effects
Gorillas.JPGA local bank had a series of commercials shot for them with the theme of giant apes discussing the daily events of the city.

spsky.jpgFor the location scout we hung out of windows and over the sides of buildings to select our shots. Pigeons would stare at us with their heads cocked to the side as if they were wondering if we had taken leave of our senses. When a background was selected we would note the angle of the sun and time of day to match the lighting for the apes.

To stay within budget only one ape costume was made. An animatronics head was built so that the ape's mouth would be in sync with the playback voices. The actor playing the ape was placed on blue screen to matte him over the buildings. After getting the take for one ape, the actor would then move to the next ape position. During the post production phase each of the ape's fur was electronically tinted to differentiate one ape from another.

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