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This part of my web site gives you a small idea on what a Cinematographer does.

What is a Cinematographer or Director of Photography? The D.P. is in charge of the camera angles and quality of light in motion picture photography and usually has the number two position behind the Director. The skills of a DP are the combination of an artist and technician.

With the combining of media technologies, or multimedia as it is often called, the demand for high quality production values has increased. I've had the privilege of working on numerous commercials, corporate films and movies which has provided me with the skills to contribute to the multimedia experience.

Clicking on the above links will provide information on some of the productions that I have been involved with and information about the film industry in general.

Below are a few examples of various productions that I have worked on.

Prairie's Edge Casino Resort



Andersen Windows
Hardware Hank

One of my passions is film history. Film buffs will enjoy my behind the scenes look of the Apple 1984 commercial.

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