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The dramatic scene shown here is from a promotional video for Cray super-computers. It was shot on location in the Cray labs using the Inovison probe lens. The distance from the talent to the lens is about 3 inches. Normally the environment that we shot in uses overhead florescent lights. This gave the room a flat, antiseptic look. We wanted to give the shot dramatic impact, so I came up with the idea of this moody scene. Fluorescent lights lit from below and balanced for daylight were left uncorrected. Splashes of light on the walls added visual interest. The camera was in a constant state of movement.

ivprobe.JPG It is important to plan when using specialized equipment. The Inovison lens cannot zoom, and was restricted to using the provided five lenses and requires much more light. The apertures widest setting was a T8.

This video was voted People's Choice at the ITVA Awards

Produced by Lee Pictures / Directed by Lee Kanten

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